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  1. Hi everyone

    I am very excited to announce that we now have an iPhone4 and an iPad at ablelink.
    I would like to start a waiting list for training and for loan, so please let me know if you are interested in having training and /or loan of iphone and ipad and I will add you to the waiting list. a Waiting list will make sure everyone gets a turn.

    Both these have built in Zoom for magnification and built in “Voice Over” for Braille connectivity.
    We also have a separate “keyboard”, however, i recommend you buy a wireless keyboard rather than a keyboard dock if you need one.

    Both the iPHone and the iPad are Apple products and have the Internet (Safari), Email (Mail), Notes, Calendar.
    The iPhone also has SMS (messages) and of course a voice phone.
    The iPad doesnt have SMS (Messages) and it doesnt have a phone but it has Face Time (Video Chat)

    I have bought them outright, not on a plan and they can both connect to the internet and email via the wireless connection at Ablelink for free.
    If you have wireless setup at home, you will be able to use the internet and email on these devices for free under your settings.

    I did not buy a 3G plan for these devices as it would cost about $70 a month for each of them.
    I have bought a sim card for the iphone and the phone number is 0434 852 336.
    It is with Virgin and it costs $50 for 6 months. It is best to use the Prepaid card for SMS ONLY and select wifi for internet and email

    I have connected both these to the Braille Conny and the Brailliant. I believe they will also connect to a braillenote Apex.
    The braille works very easily and you can type SMS messages in braille, or on the QWERTY keyboard or even on the virtual keyboard.

    This is very very exciting and we have a special person to thank who dontated some money to ablelink for the purchase of the iphone. The ipad was bought with funds left over from the Vicnet PIAP program.

    Claire Tellefson

  2. Hi there!
    I’ve been using an Ipad for 7 months and an Iphone for 19 months and I agree! both are super devices.
    I’d like to share a few experiences with you if I may which you may find helpful.

    Firstly, regarding your recommendation of the Wireless keyboard over a Keyboard dock for an Ipad? I’m curious because the docking keyboard offers more functionality for the Ipad than does the wireless keyboard but the wireless keyboard nevertheless is still very useable, 6 of 1 and half a dozen of the other I suppose but users of the Ipad should be aware of this. Also note that several features behave differently with the Ipad keyboard dock than they do with the Bluetooth wireless keyboard given the different keyboard layouts, the Ipad dock keyboard doesn’t have a FN key for example whereas the Bluetooth keyboard does, I have both keyboards here. As a final note on this subject I decided to use the bluetooth keyboard available from Apple rather than substituting it for another on the market, Apple’s product is solid, has nice big keys and is a pleasure to type o but most importantly, when its connected to an Ipad or Iphone it does what its meant to do and does it well, when I was a part of Iphone and Ipad lists some time ago one of the major topics on list was the fact that a lot of substitute keyboards just didn’t work as outlined.

    I’m not sure whether the keyboard dock will work with an Ipad? I suspect not but its something I must get around to trying one day.

    I wrote to you some time ago concerning the Iphone 4 and I did ask the question of you, “Have you tried these devices for the “Face-to-face” communication facility they now offer as a standard application?” I thought at the time of writing to you that this facility may be a huge help to those who are hard at hearing for several reasons, the first and obvious being the clear video and the second being the excellent audio for those who have the benefit of at least some hearing.

    Regarding Bluetooth audio devices connected to Iphone or Ipad? I have a device here which I use as an audio bridge between my hearing instruments and other audio bluetooth devices in my house which include Iphone, Ipad etc. Sometimes the Bluetooth from the Iphone or Ipad can have very patchy performance at best, if it works then it works well but don’t be surprised if sometimes the Bluetooth won’t work at all! when it comes to audio devices.

    And finally as a phone? Well there are products around that out perform it and I think your clients should be made aware of this. When I speak of “A Phone”, I’ mreferring to the Iphones ability as a standard mobile phone for voice calls, I have a Nokia N85 here and much prefer it for voice calls for several reasons, hands free speaker phone is far better than that of the Iphone though the IPhones isn’t too bad. Far better audio for voice calls with my N85 but again, Iphone still isn’t too bad.

    I trust you and more importantly, your clients will enjoy their experience with Iphone and Ipad, I haen’t used a Braille display with mine yet so you’re ahead of me in that department .
    Sent from my iPad

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