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Windows has created an "Ease of Access" Centre and this will show you ways to make your computer easier to read.  Alternatively you can customise your own and this is called "Personalisation".
Control Panel > Personalisation

1. Adjust Font Size   Change the default font size to enlarge everything on the screen.  The base font size can be increased to 200%. You will need to balance this with your Display Resolution Settings so that everything fits on the screen.
2. Windows Color and Appearance

  1. Open Classic Appearance Properties for more colour options.
  2. High Contrast #2  (Black background with green text)
  3. Click Advanced
  4. Can change the font size for Menus, and message boxes and icons.

3. Desktop Background
Select a solid colour - black or select your favourite photo
4. Theme
Select Windows Classic and after you make all your changes, open this and Save your theme.  You can experiment and know you can go back to a saved theme.

Internet Browsing

It is important that you select your own display colours to display Internet pages

Internet Explorer > Tools > Options > Colours >

Internet Explorer > Tools > Options > Accessibility
Tick the first two - "Ignore colours" and "Ignore font style"

You can also select your own colours and fonts in your email program.


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