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Display Settings

 Control Panel > Personalisation

Adjust Font Size
This increases the base font for eveything.  Try Custom and it can go up to 200% but can be annoying if dialog boxes dont fit on the screen. 

Select Windows Classic and after you make all your changes, open this and Save your theme.  You can experiment and know you can go back to a saved theme.

Windows Colour and Appearance
Open Classic Appearance Properties for more colour options.
High Contrast #2  (Black background with greed text)
Click Advanced
Can change the font size for Menus, and message boxes and icons.

Change the Icon Size (to about 60 - 100) and the Icon font to about 16. 
This changes the size of emails displayed in the inbox in Windows Mail.

This increases the base font for everything. Try Custom and it can go up to 200% but can be annoying if dialogue boxes don't fit on the screen.


Internet Explorer
Tools > Options.

Colours enable you to change the colour of links


Tick the first two - ignore colours and ignore font style.


Microsoft has a Magnifier and this can be set to a locked square in top right corner or a lens.  It is worth playing around with it.

the Mouse pointer can be set to Large (control panel > Hardware > Mouse > Pointers).

You can also download different mouse pointers, plese click here.

You can also select your own colours and fonts in your email program.


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