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Chat / Internet

Relay Calls

The information below for your informative, please click one of the links you want to make a call.

National Relay Service > News and events > New-look internet relay.


Type and Read

If you are deaf or can’t hear well and have difficulty speaking or communicating, this is the most useful call option.


Internet relay

Internet relay calls are ideal if you are deaf, can't hear well or have difficulty using your voice. You just need an internet connection.


SMS relay

If you want to make a call on a mobile phone without an internet connection this is the best call option.


Video relay

If you want to make a call using Auslan to someone who speaks English and uses an ordinary phone, this is the call option for you.


Captioned relay

This type of relay call is great if you have a hearing impairment but prefer to use your own voice. You speak directly to the other person—no typing!


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