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Person One

• Computer access - Braille
• TTY access - Braille
• Mobile phone access - Braille

Person Two

• Computer Access
• screen reader

Person Three

• Mobile phone access
• large fonts

Person Four

• Computer access
• screen reader
• Mobile phone access
• computer

Person Five

• Phone access
• volume control

Person Six

• TTY access
• Large Visual Display unit

Person Seven

• Phone access
• University



Case Studies

Case Study 7 - Bree

Bree was born blind and as a teenager started to lose her hearing. She uses
a combination of communication technologies, now enjoys blogging and keeps
herself busy teaching Braille as well as working as a Braille proofreader.
She uses a MacBook Pro laptop and has a PC desktop computer and uses a
variety of access methods to read information on the computers. This
includes JAWS, Windows Eyes and VoiceOver (Mac) as well as Braillestar 40
for the computer. Bree also has a BrailleNote Apex for her University
telecommunications and deafblind australians 2011 49 studies.

She uses word processing, email and the Internet and has a cable broadband
service with a wireless connection for her laptop. Bree learned to use the
computer from training as well as self-directed learning. She enjoys using
her MacBook Pro and will soon include "Windows for Mac" so she can use two
systems on the one computer.

Bree "loves doing independent research with my computer for university. I
can read comments of others in my class who are also studying by distance
education and can find out what they are doing. It helps me prepare my
presentations over the computer etc. Recently this led to my first High
Distinction for my Research and Inquiry subject at uni."


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