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Person One

• Computer access - Braille
• TTY access - Braille
• Mobile phone access - Braille

Person Two

• Computer Access
• screen reader

Person Three

• Mobile phone access
• large fonts

Person Four

• Computer access
• screen reader
• Mobile phone access
• computer

Person Five

• Phone access
• volume control

Person Six

• TTY access
• Large Visual Display unit

Person Seven

• Phone access
• University



Case Studies

Case Study 6 - Steve

Steve is deafblind and has Ushers Syndrome (Type 1). Born deaf, his vision
loss gradually worsened as he got older. He still has some vision and uses a
cane to assist him with mobility. He communicates using Auslan.

Steve loves his time on computers and has a few different computers at home
including a laptop and netbook. He remembers first learning how to use a
computer from his brother with an Apple II many years ago. Through trial and
error and advice from Ablelink he has learned how to create and maintain

He uses Windows XP and Windows 7 but prefers Windows 7 because it is more
accessible to his needs. He uses JAWS screen reader and magnification to
assist him in reading information on the screen. He likes to check on news,
sports, weather and other information as well as email communication to his
friends and family in Australia and overseas. He also uses a computer
program called MessageNet to send SMS messages to mobile phones, as he
doesn't have a mobile.

As accessing information through his computer and the Internet is vital to
Steve, he is continually frustrated at the daily barriers he finds with
websites, software programs and social network sites.


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