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Person One

• Computer access - Braille
• TTY access - Braille
• Mobile phone access - Braille

Person Two

• Computer Access
• screen reader

Person Three

• Mobile phone access
• large fonts

Person Four

• Computer access
• screen reader
• Mobile phone access
• computer

Person Five

• Phone access
• volume control

Person Six

• TTY access
• Large Visual Display unit

Person Seven

• Phone access
• University



Case Studies

Case Study 5 - Rose

Rose is deafblind and has some residual hearing. She uses a variety of
technology to access mobile phones and computers. She loves her Nokia 7120C
mobile phone, which includes a screen reader program called Nuance Talks 5,
which converts the display text of a mobile phone handset into speech. She
uses a headset connected to the mobile by Bluetooth to make it easier to
hear the text-to-voice program. The only major problem is that the mobile
volume range is not loud enough in noisy areas.

Her prepaid phone has a built-in message alert service and she can access
voice calls, SMS, calendar, email, keyboard and the Internet. The phone
gives her independence and allows her to make contact with her friends and


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